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On behalf of Ohio's credit unions, the League spearheads daily advocacy efforts in multiple realms in order to create the best environment for your continued success.
Advocacy Focuses

Legislative Advocacy
Every day, the League fights to ensure that legislators and other elected officials understand the value of credit unions and protect their interests. See what issues are at the forefront, how you can become involved, and what resources are available.

Regulatory Advocacy
As your eyes and ears, the League works with state and national regulators and legislators daily in meetings, conversations, and comment letters, to protect credit unions from unnecessary rules and to guard credit union safety and soundness. Review the latest comments filed on your behalf, how you can participate, and more.

Media Advocacy
Acting as your public relations firm, the League promotes the credit union difference daily and makes sure that credit unions are the ones defining credit unions. The League also provides resources and training to help credit unions develop their own media relationships. Check out the talking points, how-tos, template press releases, and more available to you, plus recent media features about credit unions.

Consumer Advocacy
To sustain and build consumers’ awareness and desire for credit unions, the League is constantly representing credit unions to the public and helping you elevate your profile within your community. Learn about national initiatives that are underway to connect consumers to your credit union.

 Advocacy News

Want the local media praising your CU? The League can help you with that
If you would like to start building a relationship with a reporter in your area, contact League Public Relations Manager Kimberly Stewart at (800) 486-2917, ext. 248, or kstewart@ohiocul.org.
CU leaders support U.S. Rep. Chabot and visit Great American Ball Park
Keeping important credit union advocates like Congressman Steve Chabot (R-OH) in office is critical to maintaining the population of legislators in Congress who believe in the credit union difference. Doing so while enjoying an unforgettable experience makes it all the sweeter. That’s why your League recently organized a private tour of Great American Ball Park, home of the Cincinnati Reds, followed by a private dinner with Chabot.
League highlights CU difference before Ohio House committee
Unless we share the credit union difference constantly with those outside the Movement, our story is lost in the shuffle. As the only Ohio-based trade association focused on advocating for Ohio’s credit unions, your League constantly leverages opportunities to broadcast your value proposition to public policymakers, the media, and consumers.
Relationship building makes a difference, that’s why the League does it daily
If you’ve never met someone or have only spoken with them briefly in a few social settings, how likely would you be to trust or assist them? Most of us would say highly unlikely. The same logic applies to political action; legislators are more likely to help those whom they know and trust, which is why the government affairs staff is at the Statehouse and traveling around the state daily to develop and maintain trust-based relationships with members of the Ohio General Assembly.
League continues protecting CU business lending interests in Statehouse
Sometimes it’s Groundhog Day in Columbus as the Ohio General Assembly regularly revisits previous legislative proposals, but the League advocacy team is always watching and evaluating the impact of every bill on credit unions. Re-introduced legislation (HB 67) by Rep. Ron Young (R-Leroy Township), formerly HB 291 from 2016, to alter the confession of judgment process for member business loans is no exception.