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Haynes Circle -- Smaller Credit Unions
History of Namesake

Learn where the Haynes Circle got its prestigious name.  



Some of the greatest successes every day, in every corner of Ohio, are delivered by smaller credit unions. And the League is committed to supporting smaller credit unions through programs, outreach, leadership opportunities, and more.

At the direction of a committee of your peers in 2011, the League created a single umbrella -- the Haynes Circle -- under which all things smaller-asset credit union ($35 million in assets or less) can easily be identified and accurately portrays the thriving community of small credit unions.

It’s like a club, named after recently-retired Faith Community United CU CEO Rita Haynes, tailored to your challenges and needs. When you see the Haynes Circle symbol, know that it represents collaboration, partnership, answers, and community.
Resources For You

Haynes Circle Training
Free webinars that explore issues especially relevant to Haynes Circle credit unions. Registration is free and open to all credit unions, regardless of size. Additionally, in-person training is conducted at InVest48.

Compliance Resources
The League offers an array of resources and tools to make managing compliance easier. See the list of most-used compliance tools utilized by smaller credit unions.

Strategic Resources
A variety of materials and resources help you plan, lead, and measure the strategic direction of your credit union.

Discounts & Savings
As a smaller credit union, you have several discounts and saving opportunities available on training, services, and more. 


Haynes Circle Success Committee

These peers advise the League on what smaller credit unions need and how the League should provide support.

Laura Roberts, Chair, Chivaho FCU
Michael Barr, Commodore Perry FCU
Bill Hann, Parish FCU
Michael Heidenreich, New Horizon FCU
Becky Howell, Ohio HealthCare FCU MedPro FCU
Marsha Leasure, Southeastern Ohio CU
James Mclaughlin, Wayne County Community FCU
Angie Maynard, TopMark FCU
Beth Patla, L.E.O. CU
Karen Reams, Millstream Area CU 
Dan Zimolzak, Toledo Metro FCU


Feel free to reach out to any of the task force members. You can find their contact information using the Address Book feature.


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 Recent news for Smaller CUs

Turn to your peers via Huddle; see how you compare with CUAnalyzer
One of the biggest strengths is the ability to turn to peers for assistance and ideas. Huddle and CUAnalyzer are just two ways the League makes it easier for you to do so. With Huddle, it’s like a real-time conversation right from your desk and you can “hear” how other Ohio leaders are preparing and handing similar conflicts. A conveniently web-based tool, CUAnalyzer makes it easy to see how your performance aligns with the peer group of your choice.
No matter your role, InVest48 has a breakout session for you
How to profit, promote, and protect the credit union? On any given day, one of these questions is weighing on your mind. Chances are everyone in your credit union is looking at YOU to find the answer. Which is exactly why you should come to InVest48, April 17-19 in Columbus. Devoted tracks of Breakout Sessions await you, focused on the need to profit, promote, and protect.
Want the local media praising your CU? The League can help you with that
If you would like to start building a relationship with a reporter in your area, contact League Public Relations Manager Kimberly Stewart at (800) 486-2917, ext. 248, or kstewart@ohiocul.org.
Legislation to exempt CUs from CFPB receives full support of League/CUNA
A significant source of angst for credit unions since inception, the CFPB should focus on marketplace disrupters, not protectors. This is the premise of recently-introduced federal legislation (HR 1264) to exempt smaller-asset financial institutions from rules promulgated by the CFPB, and the League and CUNA are throwing their collective advocacy horsepower behind the bill.
March 22 webinar: Ever-changing laws while collecting during bankruptcy and foreclosure
Want answers to your legal questions about state and federal bankruptcy compliance? Join the Haynes Circle webinar on March 22, a complimentary benefit of your credit union’s League membership.
Upcoming Events
See the complete calendar of upcoming events, including those tailored to smaller credit unions, and compliance deadlines you should know.