Published by Kim Connor

October 28, 2020

We understand the challenges and opportunities of Ohio credit unions better than anyone. And we offer the member support you need to improve performance today and power future growth. As a League member, you have access to essential member benefits:

Compliance guidance – We have a suite of services and expert team members to help you navigate the always-changing state and federal landscapes. 

Data and reporting tools – Measure and track your credit union's performance to drive better business decisions with the help of our custom analytics and reporting tools. 

Human resources best practices – From policy management to onboarding procedures, the League has tools and insights to streamline HR operations.

Marketing resources – With our monthly marketing toolkit and PR guidance, you can effectively market your credit union to both current and potential members, helping you grow.

Renew your membership to forge ahead, drive growth, and further the Ohio credit union Movement. To learn more about membership, reach out to the League's Director of Member Experience Kim Connor. 


Kim Connor

Kim Connor

VP, Member Experience

T: (614) 923-9748
C: (614) 581-2235