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League generates 21M+ consumer impressions about Ohio CUs this year
Working closely with Ohio’s credit unions, the League has generated never-before-seen levels of statewide consumer awareness about your value and issues. So far this year, the League’s media outreach to traditional and non-traditional outlets has generated 21.8 million consumer impressions about you.
League brings clamor for CU linked-deposit accounts directly to Senate
Small business owners like doing business with their local credit unions and want the ability to further work with them to lower their interest rate on new and existing loans. This was the message delivered by credit union leaders to the Ohio Senate Ways and Means Committee during Wednesday’s testimony for House Bill 415.
It’s better to be different; people value it
Every day, millions of lives are touched by credit unions, and millions more are looking to join. In the United States alone, credit union memberships increased by more than 4% since last July; the fastest rate of growth in a generation. Find out how CUNA Mutual Group is working help your credit union hit that target.
LSC: A next-gen youth card program
There comes a time in life when your teenager asks for money. Whether for a night out with friends or a new online game, there is always the worry of cards being lost or a child using it for more than requested. LSC has created a solution to give parents peace of mind, knowing their cards and accounts are secure. The NewGen Prepaid Debit Card is a reloadable card that allows teenagers to make everyday purchases without borrowing a debit or credit card from their parents or carrying cash.
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