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Performance & Data Resources

To make good decisions, you need exceptional information. The League has multiple resources for measuring performance and current trends.
Data & Performance Resources

CUAnalyzer – Custom Reporting Tool
A robust online financial analysis and performance tool enables you to compare your credit union’s financial data and trends to peer groups pre-set by the program or custom built by you. Utilize the template reports in board and management team meetings, or build your own. This tool had endless capabilities. 

Quarterly Performance Summary Reports
To build strategic priorities and measure success, you need great information. Each quarter, the Quarterly Performance Summary Report dissects the economic issues affecting credit unions, summary of state and national industry performance, and peer group financial ratios. Read the latest issue.

Fee Report
A detailed report breaking down the average fees charged by credit unions and banks on multiple product lines. View average fees for banks and credit unions together, separately, and side by side. Use the report to craft your credit union's pricing strategies.

Credit Union Staff Salary Report
full suite of salary resources to ensure your credit union’s compensation packages remain competitive and in line with industry standards. Includes information for credit unions of all asset sizes.
2017-2018 C​omplete Staff Salary Survey  (data on CUs of all sizes)
2017-2018 Small CU Staff Salary Survey  (focused on CUs with assets of $50M or less)

Special Reports
Special reports published by the League break down specific aspects of credit unions.


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 Performance & Data News

Trying to see how your CU measures up? Leave the work to CUAnalyzer!
Numbers and measuring! That's the life of a credit union leader. As you enter 2018, make sure you're using your complimentary, robust tools to help create and measure your credit union's strategic priorities. Your League-member benefit, CUAnalyzer, puts performance in context by combining charts and graphs with a five-star performance rating system, analytical text, and ratio definitions. Identify strengths and weaknesses, easily generate charts and graphs to share with staff and the board, and review analysis of performance of your credit union compared to peers.
Quarterly reports at your fingertips; how does your CU measure in 3rd quarter
Every key statistic and trend that a credit union executive thinks about daily is digested and summarized for you in the Quarterly Performance Report. Additionally, as non-spread income continues to be an important piece of your income stream, use the latest quarterly Fee Report to view average fees for banks and credit unions together, separately, and side by side, to refine your credit union’s pricing strategies.
Now pull third-quarter charts, performance indicators on CUAnalyzer
Judging your credit union’s performance includes measuring it externally just as much as internally, which is why the League provides unlimited access to CUAnalyzer as a part of its membership benefits. An online performance analysis tool, CUAnalyzer puts performance truly in context by combining charts and graphs with a five-star performance rating system, analytical text, and ratio definitions.
5-minute survey could win you $50
To ensure continuous statewide media attention for Ohio’s credit unions, the League needs statistics to catch reporters’ interest. Responses to the League’s bi-annual consumer survey fuel the League-provided Monthly Marketing Toolkit, which gives you ready-to-use content to share with members, the community, and media.
Strategic planning? 2Q data is now available in CUAnalyzer to guide you
Ohio’s credit unions are ranked 26th nationally in membership growth, 19th in terms of net income, and 17th in terms of loan growth. As robust growth in Ohio continues, take the stress out of your strategic planning by using CUAnalyzer, a League membership benefit tool that compares your credit union’s performance indicators to any peer group you choose.