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Human Resources

Human resources is an ever-evolving and complicated issue. Our sole purpose is to help your credit union, and below are resources to assist in streamlining and solving your human resource to-do list.
Tools For You

HR Policies & Online Manual - HR Suite
Lightening your workload (so you have more time to focus on members) is our mission, and the latest addition to the League’s membership services makes managing your credit union’s human resource duties easier! You now have access to HR Suite, an online human resource management solution featuring more than 150 customizable policies, developed, written, and annually reviewed by HR experts. You can also upload existing HR policies to create a fully-indexed, easily-accessible, online HR policy manual and employee handbook. Is your credit union struggling to keep up with evolving HR compliance requirements? If so, then look no further. HR Suite also has 200+ federally-compliant HR forms and 40+ job descriptions. Keep your HR policies and practices current by utilizing HR Suite today.
Direct access to HR Suite
First-time access to HR Suite

Credit Union Staff Salary Survey
full suite of salary resources to ensure your credit union’s compensation packages remain competitive and in line with industry standards. Includes information for credit unions of all asset sizes.

2018-2019 Complete Staff Salary Survey 
(Data on CUs of all sizes)

2018-2019 Small CU Staff Salary Survey 
(Focused on CUs with assets of $50M or less.)

Staff Onboarding: Explaining the CU Philosophy
The operating principles of credit unions are founded in the philosophy of cooperation and the central values of equality, equity, and mutual self-help.
To help new employees learn about the Credit Union Movement, or to serve as a refresher for a more tenured employee, a four-module learning system is available on demand for your credit union to use. And as a dues-supported service, unlimited access is a complimentary benefit of your credit union’s League membership. ​

Online Compliance Library - InfoSight
An online library of constantly-updated state and federal compliance and operational information where you can get clear answers. Includes a section devoted to employment law.

Get Peers' Insights

Ask your peers - Huddle
Wish someone in a similar HR role was around to ask a question? Perhaps you are exactly the person with the answer to a tricky question that someone else needs to hear from. Happily, Huddle is the place where you can post your questions or share your experiences and hard-learned knowledge with others. Huddle is the private online community for Ohio’s credit unions, available for all staff and volunteers as a benefit of your credit union’s membership with the Ohio Credit Union League. Start sharing with your peers from across the state, right from your desk, by simply starting or joining a discussion.

CUNA HR & OD Council
A national collaboration of resources and other credit union employees focused on human resource issues.

 Human Resource News

Enjoy peace-of-mind knowing an expert helped create your HR policies, employee handbook
You don’t have to spend time trying to understand the latest human resource laws because HR Suite has policies for it all, in one place, and updated routinely. Policies, a personnel handbook, job descriptions, and forms drafted by HR experts are available at your fingertips via HR Suite, thanks to your League membership.
New benefit: Onboard new employees and explain the CU philosophy at the same time
Bringing on a new employee should be a great experience, not a tedious one, for you and your new employee. To help new employees learn about the Movement, or to serve as a refresher for a more tenured employee, your League has created a four-module philosophy on-boarding program, complete with a video from League VPs explaining how your state trade association helps your credit union and the success of your new employee.
Sweating over your HR to-do list? Let HR Suite do all the heavy lifting
Take a moment to catch your breath by letting HR Suite help alleviate day-to-day human resource concerns, so you can spend more time focusing on what's important: credit union members. This League benefit features more than 150 customizable policies developed, written, and annually reviewed by human resource experts. Don't just take our word for it;
Done something great? Say so! Last chance to submit 2018 award nomination
You and your peers make a tremendous impact every day, and that is something worth celebrating. It's time to recognize those efforts through the League's 2018 Leadership Awards Program. Award-winning efforts inspire your peers and fuel our philosophical difference, so why not boast about someone or something that deserves it? Nominations are due by 12:00 p.m. on March 1.
New Year, same great HR tool available to you
A New Year brings new opportunities, and thanks to your credit union’s membership with the League, you have access to HR Suite to help start the year off right. HR Suite is a customizable and secure online collection of 350+ human resource management tools that includes an entire library of up-to-date, federally-compliant human resource forms; a centrally-administered, customizable online company policy manual; and an employee handbook.