About Us

The Ohio Credit Union League is proud to be the state trade association for Ohio’s credit unions. We make the daily lives of staff and volunteers easier through political and regulatory advocacy, compliance and information services, educational and professional development opportunities, communications, media relations, outreach solutions, and more.


Our Vision 
Americans choose credit unions as their best financial partner.

Our Purpose 
The Ohio Credit Union League is a catalyst for credit union success.

Our Values 

Integrity ​The League’s reputation is its most valuable asset. It is never compromised for any purpose.
​Passion​Credit unions are about people. The League is responsible for sustaining and nurturing the credit union philosophy.
Respect​​The League sees respect as the foundation for all relationships. We recognize the value that each individual brings to the Movement.
​Results​The League focuses on and achieves results. Success is possible only when results are produced.
​Cooperative Principles​The League holds the cooperative principles in the highest regard as the ideological foundation of the credit union difference.


Like your credit union, the League draws its leadership energy directly from its members, Ohio’s credit unions. We were created by you, and we exist today, still, solely to serve you. See your peers who are driving the strategic direction of the League.


Through its annual report, the League provides accountability and transparency to its member credit unions. Read the most recent annual report.