Political Action Committees

To shape the political environment, advancing the ability for credit unions to provide quality services and products, Ohio’s credit unions must support federal/state candidates and elected officials who have a track record of standing up for credit unions. The two political action committees (PACs) just for Ohio’s credit unions—Ohio Credit Union Legislative Action Committee and the Ohio Credit Union League Political Action Committee—do just that.

Help ensure your League’s advocacy engine is continually fueled so that voices in Congress and the Statehouse who stand up for the credit union difference can continue to advance and protect the interests of Ohio’s more than 3 million credit union members.

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Emily Leite

Emily Leite

Chief Advocacy Officer

E: eleite@ohiocul.org
T: (614) 923-9770
C: (614) 581-8460

Andrew Canan

Andrew Canan

Sr. Manager, Political and Grassroots Affairs

E: acanan@ohiocul.org
T: (614) 923-9710
C: (614) 512-0330