Published by Jose Ortiz

April 6, 2021

ViClarity is a national leader in credit union compliance solutions. Through their audit and review services, they help credit unions assess, identify, and address compliance issues, so you can be prepared for your next examination.  

The ViClarity team has years of experience and is armed with an extensive knowledge of federal institutions regulations and industry best practices.  Ready to help with a full suite of audit and review services such as fair lending, lending, deposit, privacy, and required annual audits.   An additional layer of coverage with website compliance and social media review provides peace of mind.

To explore ViClarity’s audit and review services contact OCUL Services Corporation Sr. Business Solutions Manager, Jose Ortiz.


Jose Ortiz

Jose Ortiz

Sr. Business Solutions Manager

T: (614) 923-9717
C: (614) 581-2905