NEW! ViClarity

Say goodbye to governance, risk, and compliance spreadsheets and manual processes.

Manage your governance, risk and compliance (GRC) programs in one system with ViClarity. This full-service and customizable platform allows organizations to identify, monitor, score and report on GRC-related issues. With ViClarity, you can automate current manual processes, analyze data with interactive expert reporting, and visualize compliance issues in real-time. This end-to-end GRC Solution can be implemented in as little as three weeks, and it's supported by a team of experts.

Compliance Audits

Feel secure knowing your credit union is following deposit, operations, and lending regulations.

Compliance audits are a necessary evil, so why not get the best consultation you can? And no one knows credit union compliance better than our partner PolicyWorks. They have a range of competitively priced options to meet all your required audit needs, including BSA, SAFE Act, and IT Audits, as well as website reviews.

Compliance Management and Consulting

Compliance starts with good infrastructure.

Maintaining and managing your compliance infrastructure is easy thanks to Policyworks’ compliance management solution. Compliance is managed and monitored from a centralized resource serving as your credit union’s universal, one-stop compliance tool. And by leveraging PolicyWorks’ integrated consulting services, your credit union can rest easy knowing you have help achieving and maintaining compliance.

NEW! Illuma Shield

Enhanced security and member experience don't have to compete.

Thanks to Illuma Shield, you can say good-bye to traditional member authentication processes like PINs, passwords, and personal questions. The real-time audio authentication platform is easily integrated into SIP based telephone systems and runs passively in the background as your Member Service Representatives are helping members. It continuously analyzes the unique characteristics of the speaker's voice and calling device, which results in higher authentication accuracy in a fraction of the time. Enhance your security against fraudsters and social engineers, by leveraging Illuma Shield to handle your authentication process.


Contract Negotiation

Expertise to get you the best terms and pricing possible.

Vendor contracts connected to your financial mission, particularly those touching the member, have high stakes and can have long-lasting effects on your credit union’s market image for quality service and innovation. With contract terms becoming more complex, partnering with SRM can aid your credit union in navigating these complexities and negotiating contracts that work in your favor. There’s no up-front cost to try SRM’s services, and they typically help their clients achieve 15-20% savings per contract.

AML and Fraud Protection

Fight fraud the smarter way.

Fraud stinks. And every day, criminals are getting smarter and smarter, planning new ways to take advantage of your CU and its members. So you’ll need every tool in your toolbox to be combat-honed. That’s where we come in. Our partner, Verafin, is a gold-standard provider of our fraud detection and BSA/AML collaboration software. Verafin analyzes customer activity across multiple transaction channels to provide you with alerts that highlight a wide range of fraudulent scenarios and protect you against fraudsters targeting your credit union and members. 



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