NEW! Remote Online Notarization

Bring notarization into the digital age

No one knows online notarization better than our partner, Notarize. They have been pioneering the practice since 2015 and are responsible for the country’s first-ever online real estate closing as well as the execution of the country’s first online will. Notarize lets you securely send, sign, and notarize documents without in-person meetings, which means your members can conduct business whenever and wherever they want. While traditional eSign or in-person notary services require only one point of identity verification, remote online notarization through Notarize includes multi-factor ID authentication, a recording of the audio-video session, and a full audit trail for more robust security measures. Add your members to the thousands of others who are enjoying the convenience of a fully digital notarization experience.

To learn how remote online notarization is transforming member service, request more information here.

NEW! Eltropy

Boost engagement and enhance member experience.

9 out of 10 consumers would like to use text messaging to communicate with businesses. Are you ready to communicate with them? Let Eltropy help you get there. Eltropy provides a secure and TCPA-compliant way for your credit union to engage members over text. It also integrates with IT systems, such as Symitar and Corelation, and provides member engagement insights that can help you expand member relations.


NEW! Payzur P2P

Personalized and seamless real-time P2P payment service.

Your members are looking to send and receive money virtually and in real-time. Payzur P2P enables debit cardholders to send or receive money via their smartphone or online. Whether it's repaying family and friends, paying allowance, splitting the check, or sending a birthday gift, Payzur P2P can allow your members to quickly transfer money from their existing debit account to almost anybody else's. 


Gain a guaranteed captive audience.

Every day, you fight to compete with national banks despite having nowhere near the marketing budget or brand recognition. Winning in your backyard just got easier, thanks to the ability to localize your media buys to the gas station owner next door. GSTV can help you reach your target audience while they’re fueling up right outside of your front door: sometimes literally.

Lifesteps Wallet

One mobile app. More Member value.

Lifesteps Wallet provides a single solution for busy members before, during, and after life’s biggest financial decisions. From financial services to shopping, homebuying, travel, identity protection, and more, this comprehensive mobile experience keeps your credit union top of mind and top of wallet when it matters most. It’s the technology your members expect, delivered under your credit union brand.

Shared Branching

Give your members bank-anywhere convenience while growing your deposits.

Even the largest credit union is a smaller player in the financial services marketplace, but with Shared Branching, any credit union immediately has the swagger of providing a branch network that exceeds the nation’s largest banks, while still being a community-focused financial institution. Mute the misperception that credit unions aren’t convenient. As the nation’s second-largest branch network, Shared Branching gives your members the ability to bank with you at more than 400 credit union branches in Ohio and 5,800 nationwide. It’s the fast and easy way to expand your service footprint, offer bank-anywhere convenience to your members, and grow your deposits.

Learn more about the largest state shared branching network milestones, value, and strength in this report.

Jumpstart your OSBN promotion efforts with the Fall 2020 Shared Branching Marketing Toolkit.


Give your members the freedom they deserve.

Are you ready for video banking? POPi/o’s patented video platform can help you develop better relationships with your members while addressing your in-branch employee deployment efficiencies. Of current Popi/o deployed credit unions, 94% of members have given positive feedback across all channels and 77% of video calls result in new accounts or loans. Other popular uses include mortgages, wire transfers, and financial advice to name a few.

What is the the "True" Face of your Credit Union?
As COVID-19 accelerates the digitization of branches, this whitepaper explores how video banking spotlights the true stars of your credit union, your people.  Learn how credit unions are adjusting to the pandemic’s impact on offering branch services.


AdvantEdge Analytics

Solutions to unify and activate your data.

Data and analytics have the power to transform your credit union – and the lives of your members – for the better. A 360-degree view of members enables you to provide meaningful experiences and offerings at the right time through the right channel. AdvantEdge Analytics provides everything you need to bring data to life for exceptional member experiences. Don’t let your data be just data – minuscule bits and bytes of information. Turn it into insights capable of changing your members’ lives, and your credit union’s future, today.

Love My Credit Union Rewards

Make money by rewarding your members.

Think your members would enjoy getting special benefits and discounts that they can’t get anywhere else? Then this rewards program is for you. It’s full of discounts from service providers like Turbo Tax, offers cash back at over 1,500 retailers, secures reduced rates on car insurance, and more.


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