Nurturing and protecting your greatest asset: the people.

Offering salaries and compensations that keep your existing employees from leaving, while attracting new ones can be tough. Which is why we offer Compease. Industry compensation comparisons, merit increase planning, job value development, and much more…all viewable in a dashboard that lets you run all the report queries you need.

Performance Pro

Personalized and seamless home search for members.

Staff reviews can often be a headache, but they don’t have to be. Track your staff’s goal progress and get automatic alerts when they hit milestones. Our Performance Pro software solution does all that and more. Better performance tracking and less work for you…a win/win.

CPD Online and Training Bundle

Training that right-sizes to your credit union's needs.

Keeping your staff up-to-date on everything they need to know and the certifications they need to excel in their jobs isn’t easy. Unless you have CPD Online and our Training Bundles. They are a host of online webinars and structured curriculum options designed to give your staff the training they need without leaving their desk. Full curriculum, professional certifications, and on-demand options. Whatever meets your needs.

Creating Member Loyalty

Sales and service culture that sticks and isn't icky.

"Great service" should be a value proposition for all credit unions... but only if you do it differently. Creating Member Loyalty is how you do that, by putting your credit union above all others and truly differentiating it. Creating Member Loyalty grows engagement from credit union staff and members alike through comprehensive organizational change. It helps revamp your credit union's structure and culture, which gets your employees more invested in their work and empowers them to create a better experience for members.

In-Person Training

Learn from subject-matter experts with and from your peers.

Need training for your staff, but online isn’t the right fit? Not a problem; we offer on-site, in person training led by experts on a wide range of topics. And if what you need isn’t already available on our lists of topics taught, we’ll put it there, just for you. Our highly rated education opportunities are designed with your growth and success in mind.



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Jose Ortiz

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Lianne Simeone

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