NEW! Loan Participation Market

Optimize yield and diversify your portfolio.

FiscalHive is a loan participation market solution that offers users a frictionless process, reduces broker costs, and provides analytical insights so credit unions easily optimize their yield and balance sheet. The platform includes an end-to-end participation transaction workflow for both buyers and sellers with built-in email notifications and collaboration tools. No more digging through emails and excel sheets because with FiscalHive, your participation net yield, risk, and obligations is at your fingertips. FiscalHive customers also experience a reduction in the loan participation transaction cycle, which is less than one week from the typical 4-6 weeks. Join the Hive and see what all the buzz is about.

NEW! Vehicle Return Plan

Protect your members against uncertainty.

Losing a job, suffering an illness, and experiencing other unexpected circumstances can be more than a bump in the road for your members — They can be life changing. VRP can help you serve your members when they need you the most and offer your credit union a means to mitigate indirect and direct lending risks and chargebacks. With VRP, your members have a safety net and you do too.

NEW! NestReady

Personalized and seamless home search for members.

Personalization is the bread and butter of today’s user experience. With NestFinder from NestReady, you can integrate every step of your members’ home buying journey into the digital presence. The solution is a white-labeled platform that is designed to look and feel like your credit union’s website and serve as an extension of your member’s mortgage shopping experience.

CRIF Select Ohio

Get more direct with indirect lending

Nine out of ten people make their financing decisions at the point of sale. If you’re not there, you’re not getting the loan. Indirect auto lending is a great way to boost your overall loan growth. But, it’s not always an easy thing to do consistently or cost-effectively. CRIF Select Ohio changes that by offering a solution that provides the right level of support. Indirect isn’t simply a process: It’s a skill that requires attention for it to be successful.


Loans that evolve with your neighbors.

As your members’ lives changes, so do their loan needs; and that can be a problem if they have a long-term loan. But Rate Reset can help. It’s a software solution that empowers your members to reset their loan without the cost and hassle of refinancing. Better yet, it automates loan retention so your credit union staff can focus on developing new business. Rate Reset also helps credit unions deploy instant pre-qualified credit offers via their consumer-friendly solution, The Button™.


NEW! Payment Processing Solutions

Helping small to mid-sized businesses grow.

One of the nation’s leading providers of merchant processing products and services, Electronic Merchant Systems (EMS), has been helping businesses realize their full potential for over three decades. EMS offers custom merchant solutions that increase small businesses’ profitability, while bolstering your business services lineup and driving revenue to your bottom line. 

Card Processing

Card processing tailored to your specific needs.

There’s more to card programs than just the plastic in a member’s hand. First, there’s the level if service you give your members. But then there’s the way you position your program to drive optimal revenue for your CU and for your members. We have several card processing options to help you achieve all of that; let’s find the one that best fits your credit union’s specific needs.


Card Rewards Program

Reward your members with options.

Members use cards that have rewards they want. In fact, rewards out prioritize interest rate in consumers’ eyes when choosing a card. Scorecard Rewards is an incredible enhancement to make sure your members feel the total value of the card you’ve put into their wallets. 


Gift Card Program

The perfect gift for your members (and your bottom line)

Gift giving has never been so easy. One-time and reloadable gift card options can help your members eliminate the guess work and save time. Stay competitive while adding a little income to your bottom line.



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