The Ohio Credit Union Foundation will “help our own” by awarding three $5,000 grants to Ohio credit union employees to help pay off their outstanding student loans.

Credit union employees that:

  • Have completed a program of study at an accredited university, college, or private vocational/technical program in the United States, with one of the following:
    • Graduate-level degree
    • Bachelor’s degree
    • Associate degree
    • Certificate of program completion
  • Have a minimum of one full year of full-time employment at an Ohio-based credit union by the application deadline.
  • Have student loan debt in their name for education they received.


The entire application process must be completed by Wednesday, Oct. 31. Winners will be announced Monday, Dec. 3.

  1. Complete the below online general information and education history form.
  2. Attach a brief narrative (one to two pages) addressing the following essay question.
    Because credit unions are uniquely-structured and philosophically-purposed organizations, their success is measured beyond fiscal performance, rather as a “double bottom line” that focuses on income and member impact. The most successful credit unions are those attuned to the double bottom line, driving revenue to the organization by providing working-class people with products and services that help them reach the next rung on the ladder of their financial success. How does your credit union put philosophy to work in its business operations to currently achieve a double-bottom line, and how could it do more in the future?
  3. Attach one professional letter of recommendation. Your recommendation should be submitted by a coworker who is familiar with your performance and involvement.
  4. Your essay and letter of recommendation should be submitted as one PDF document.

For more information, call League Development Coordinator Jamila Collins at (800) 486-2917, ext. 236, or

Student Loan Forgiveness Scholarship

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